Application of Universal joint


In recent years, with the rapid development of the proc […]

In recent years, with the rapid development of the processing industry, the requirements for high-speed and high-precision control are getting higher and higher. There are more and more applications of universal joints in machinery. The following editor will take you to understand the application of universal coupling. Universal couplings are common components, and universal couplings can be seen in all walks of life. It can also be used to improve production efficiency, and is more suitable for use in high temperature, high speed, and corrosive medium working environments, so it is very popular among users.

Metallurgical industry: The crane in the metallurgical industry will increase the failure of the gear coupling due to the long use time, so in order to eliminate the impact caused by the gap, the universal coupling can be used to replace the gear coupling, which greatly Reduce the occurrence of equipment failure!

Petroleum industry: The scene in the petroleum industry is more complicated. The starting of oil, pumping and drilling all need to use universal couplings, and there are many models used. Universal couplings can be said to be the most popular in the petroleum industry. darling.

Heavy construction machinery: Universal couplings are suitable for working environments with high temperature, low oil and corrosive media, and also have the advantages of high transmission efficiency and good reliability, so they are good parts that cannot be missed in all kinds of heavy machinery industries!

Automobile industry: In fact, in the automobile industry, universal joints are widely used, and the universal joints are required to link between automobile engines, clutches and transmissions. This can reduce the vibration of the car, play a certain role in protecting the car parts, and greatly extend the service life of the parts!

Universal joint is a kind of transmission output shaft and main reducer input shaft that are not in a straight line. Even if the angle and distance between the two shafts change, the power can be transmitted. In the maintenance of the universal joint, it is very important to ensure the lubrication of the universal joint, and the oil injection amount is more reasonable within a limited range.

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