Correct operation method of universal joint shaft


Cardan shafts such as metallurgy, mining, lifting and t […]

Cardan shafts such as metallurgy, mining, lifting and transportation, etc. are also suitable for shafting transmission of various types of machinery such as petroleum, chemical industry, general machinery, etc. It is composed of flange half coupling and other parts. The external teeth are divided into two types: straight teeth and drum teeth. The so-called drum teeth are made of spherical surfaces, and the center of the spherical surface is on the gear axis.
On the other hand, the wear caused by the relative sliding of the tooth surface will cause a series of problems such as sludge and unbalance. Therefore, of course, the gear coupling was once the choice for high-speed and high-power applications, but with the emergence and development of diaphragm couplings Open, the gear coupling gradually fades out, which requires the repairer to fully understand the corresponding technical requirements of the bearing, and the structure of UNIVERSAL JOINT PIN the bearing and its parts.

At this time, the pressure required for the turret to disengage, the tool rest is pushed by the hydraulic cylinder piston to loosen and lock the turret, so that the vacancy between the guide surface and the supporting surface is uniform, and the diaphragm is tightened. The characteristics of the sleeve: the diaphragm expansion sleeve is composed of several groups of diaphragms (stainless steel sheets) intertwined with the two half expansion sleeves with bolts, and the adjustment seat moves back and forth accordingly.

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