How does the transmission change speed and how to realize the function of the differential


When we usually drive, whether it is an automatic trans […]

When we usually drive, whether it is an automatic transmission or a manual transmission, there will be two parts: the transmission and the differential. How does it change the speed and how to realize the function of the differential

First of all, the role of the gearbox is to change the speed of the car and increase the torque.

Transmission composition: it is mainly composed of input shaft and input shaft gear, synchronizer; output shaft and output shaft gear, synchronizer; reverse shaft and reverse shaft gear and other main components. The output speed and torque are changed through the principle of gear shifting. When the driving gear is smaller than the driven gear, that is, when the transmission ratio (the number of teeth of the output shaft gear divided by the number of teeth of the input shaft gear) is greater than 1, the input speed is greater than the output speed, and the torque increases; when the driving gear is greater than When the driven gear is driven, that is, when the transmission ratio is less than 1, the output speed is greater than the input speed, the torque is small, and the speed increases. This is how the transmission shifts.

Reverse gear principle: when two gears mesh, the direction of rotation is opposite, when three gears mesh in turn, the first gear, which is the input gear, and the third gear, which is the output gear, rotate in the same direction At this time, the vehicle will run in the opposite direction of the original without intermediate gear, which is the principle of reverse gear.

Input shaft: There is a driving gear on it, one end of which is connected with our clutch, the clutch transmits power to the input shaft, and then transmits the power to our output shaft gear through the driving gear of our input shaft. Except for the reverse gear, the gears above are all helical gears, which can withstand large torque and have relatively low noise during operation. There are corresponding synchronizers on them. The reverse gear is a spur gear, and the noise will be relatively large, but it does not require a synchronizer and can be directly linked to the gear.

Output shaft: the helical gear at one end of the output shaft meshes with the reducer, the upper output gear meshes with the input gear of the drive shaft, the spur gear meshes with the reverse gear, and the power transmitted through the gear of the drive shaft is then transmitted to the reducer. When our synchronizers are placed in the middle position, it is the neutral position we commonly use. At this time, the driving shaft rotates and the synchronizer rotates, but the output shaft does not rotate and does not output power.

Final differential: mainly consists of our reduction gear, planetary carrier, side gear, planetary gear bearing, planetary gear and spacer. It is mainly used to decelerate, increase torque and change the speed difference between the two sides when the car is driving (turning), because when turning, the wheels on the outside of the vehicle travel farther than the wheels on the inside of the vehicle, that is, the wheels on the outside are longer than those on the inside. The wheels are going to spin fast, and that's when we need our differential.

When driving straight, the planetary gear does not move, because the speed of the wheels on both sides is the same. When turning, the planetary gear works, the speed of the outer wheel is increased, and the speed of the inner wheel is decelerated.

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