How to choose gear material


Gears are very important transmission parts in general […]

Gears are very important transmission parts in general machinery and equipment. The use of gears can play a very good transmission work and drive the entire machinery and equipment to coordinate operation. People have learned to make and use gears a long time ago. After using gears, many tasks that are difficult to complete can be simply achieved through the transmission function of gears. Nowadays, after entering industrial production, the types of gears have also increased, and the materials used to make gears have also increased. So how do you choose the materials of gears?
There are still many issues to consider when making gears, such as motion transmission gears and power transmission gears. There are many differences in the manufacturing process and materials of these two gears. Motion transmission gears can generally be made of non-metallic materials, such as some nylon and resin, while power transmission gears have to use metal materials with a high-strength structure. Generally speaking, alloys are more popular for power transmission. The material of the gear. But the choice of alloy is not an easy task, because there are still many issues to consider. It mainly includes whether it has sufficient compressive resistance under heavy load for a long time, whether the surface of its alloy metal needs proper heat treatment and hard processing, etc. Some gear materials that are mainly considered now are mainly magnesium, nickel, chromium, etc. These elements can be added to the composition table of alloy materials, which can play different roles, some can increase the hardness of the alloy, and some can increase the structure of the alloy. Strength and durability.
As the current industrial production environment is becoming more and more complex, and the functions undertaken by various large-scale machinery and equipment are becoming more and more complex, the various internal metal parts have also withstood a lot of impact, and need to be properly processed and strengthened. Meet the needs of use. Fortunately, the current metal processing technology and material technology have been greatly improved, so the structure, surface and size of the gear have been well improved.

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