How to detect the deformation of the front and rear axles of the car


Car breakdown is the last thing we want to see when dri […]

Car breakdown is the last thing we want to see when driving, but it is also unavoidable. How to deal with the deformation of the rear axle of the car? This is a relatively large breakdown. We can check it by ourselves. If this breakdown occurs, we should How to do?
Deformation detection method of drive axle housing
1. The method of comparing the center position of the axle shaft. This method is relatively simple for the rear axle housing equipped with axle sleeves.
(1) Smooth the outer end face of the wheel FT to eliminate its end face swing difference.
(2) Install the wheels V at both ends on the rear axle housing, adjust the tightness of Lunyi bearing according to the regulations; install the standard half shaft, insert it into the hole of the reducer from the middle of the axle housing, and test the center of the left and right half shafts Whether the position ends are aligned to judge whether the shell is bent or deformed. The difference between the two centers, the allowable value for overhaul is 0.75mm, and the limit value is 1.00mm.
2. The test rod inspection method uses a test rod that is 50mm longer than the axle housing and 2mm smaller than the inner diameter of the half-axle sleeve, inserted into the entire sleeve, and if it can rotate freely, it basically meets the requirements. Otherwise, the bending deformation exceeds the limit.
3. Pulling wire inspection method: Pass a thin wire in the half-shaft sleeve, and the two ends of the wire extend out of the tube, and hang a heavy object to straighten the wire. If the thin wire can be evenly attached to the inner wall of the tube, it will meet the requirements. . In order to verify the accuracy, it should be measured every 45° along the inner hole circle of the pipe.
How to check the deformation of the front axle
1. Use inspection to fix the front axle horizontally, insert the test bar 2 into the main pin hole and install the inspector. The inclination angle value of the king pin hole can be checked from the angle indicated on the movable square plate, and the upper and lower bending of the front axle can be checked at the same time. From the position of the test bar on the carved line of the movable square, you can check whether the front axle has torsional deformation. ; From the overlap between the edge of the guide plate 5 and the engraved lines of the two spacers 6, the horizontal bending deformation of the middle of the front axle can be checked.
2. Use the wire drawing method to inspect, fix the front axle horizontally, draw a thin wire, from the thin wire to the vertical distance between the two steel plates, you can judge whether the front axle is bent up or down, and whether the thin wire passes through the two steel plates The center of the center hole can determine the front and rear bending of the front axle, and whether the bolt hole edges on the front (or rear) side of the steel plate seat are in a straight line can determine the torsional deformation of the front axle.
3. Level inspection method. Use a spirit level to level one steel plate seat, and then use the spirit level to check the longitudinal and lateral level of the other steel plate seat to determine whether the front axle is twisted and deformed up and down.
4. The angle rule method can also be used for inspection. The angle of the square used in this method should be suitable for the inclination of the axle.

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