Reasons for excessive vibration of gear reducer motor


After the geared motor is used for a certain period of […]

After the geared motor is used for a certain period of time, various problems may occur. If the geared motor vibrates too much, we generally start from multiple aspects. The geared motor base vibration is too large, the motor is excessively worn, the transmission mechanism is out of adjustment and the rotor is mechanically balanced. The following is a simple analysis for everyone.

Geared motor

  1, the gear reducer motor bearing is worn too much

   Bearings work for a long time, and the bearing gap is too large or unbalanced, which will cause friction and heating of the bearing. The most feared is the friction between the rotor and the stator, which will directly damage the bearing. Sliding bearings are the most prone to vibration, because it has the viscosity of lubricating oil, the crankshaft will float, which can also be related to the weight of the bearing. The heavier the bearing, the faster the wear.

  2, the gear reducer motor base vibration is large

   In some cases, excessive vibration of the frame will also have an impact. The vibration frequency of the frame can be said to be the speed of the gear reducer, which may cause problems in the frame design and cause operation.

  3, gear reduction motor drive out of adjustment

   When the calibration line of the motor and the drive in the gear reducer is not good and is prone to vibration, it is necessary to adjust the calibration line and reinstall the connection between the reduction motor drive and the motor to stabilize the rotation of the motor bearing.

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