Several lubrication methods for precision gears


Whether the precision gear has good lubrication will af […]

Whether the precision gear has good lubrication will affect the durability and noise of the gear. Gear lubrication methods can be roughly divided into the following three categories.
1. Grease lubrication method.
Grease lubrication is a gear lubrication method used in low speed and light load environments. Used in open and sealed gearboxes. In the case of grease lubrication, the following points should be paid attention to: 1. Please select a grease with suitable viscosity. In a sealed gearbox, in order to ensure the effective lubrication of the grease, a grease with good fluidity should be selected. In an open gearbox, a grease with a moderate viscosity and not dripping should be selected. 2. Not suitable for high-load, continuous operation occasions. Grease does not have the cooling capacity of lubricating oil. When used under high load and continuous operation, temperature rise may become a problem. 3. Please use an appropriate amount of grease. Too little grease will not achieve the expected lubrication effect. However, if the amount of grease enclosed in the sealed gearbox is too much, the stirring loss will increase.

2. Splash lubrication method (oil bath type)
Splash lubrication is a lubrication method that uses the rotation of the gear to splash the lubricating oil stored in the gear box to lubricate the gears and bearings. When using splash lubrication, pay attention to the following points: 1. The height of the oil surface must be kept appropriate. Using too much lubricating oil will cause excessive mixing loss, and too little oil will not be able to obtain the expected lubrication and cooling effects. 2. Please pay attention to the limit temperature of the gearbox. The temperature of the gearbox increases with the friction loss between the gear and the bearing and the stirring loss of the lubricating oil. As the temperature rises, the viscosity of the lubricating oil decreases, which will have various effects on gears and bearings, so please control the limit temperature in the gear box to around 80℃~90℃.
3. Forced lubrication method (circulation injection method)
The forced lubrication method uses an oil pump to directly force oil to the meshing part. According to the way of oil supply, it can be divided into the following three types: 1. Drip type: use a tube to directly drip the lubricating oil to the meshing part. 2. Spray type: The lubricating oil is sprayed directly to the meshing part by using the fuel injection nozzle. 3. Spray type: Use compressed air to turn lubricating oil into mist and spray it into the meshing part of the gear. The forced lubrication method requires a series of devices such as oil tank, oil pump, filter, piping, etc., so it is mainly used in special high-speed large Gear equipment. Although it will increase the cost as a result, it is the most excellent lubrication method among gear lubrication methods that can be used to send an appropriate amount of filtered, cooled, and suitable viscosity lubricating oil to the meshing part.

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