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Generally speaking, a gear refers to a single gear part […]

Generally speaking, a gear refers to a single gear part. Generally, the gear and the shaft are connected in some way, such as splines, shear keys, etc. In special cases, when the gear is small and the shaft is thick, the general method is to connect the shaft and the shaft. The structural strength of the gear is poor and cannot meet the requirements of use. At this time, the two can be combined into one, which is both a gear and a shaft, which is called a shaft gear, or a gear shaft.
The shafts used in some places in the car (such as the rear axle) are 2 half shafts, each of which is a shaft gear, so it is called a half shaft gear or half gear shaft.
The half-shafts commonly used in modern automobiles have two types, full-floating and semi-floating, according to their different bearing types.
The full-floating axle shaft only transmits torque and does not bear any reaction force and bending moment, so it is widely used in various types of vehicles. The full-floating axle shaft is easy to disassemble and assemble, just unscrew the bolt on the flange of the axle shaft to pull out the axle shaft, and the wheel and axle housing can still support the car, which brings convenience to the maintenance of the car.
Semi-floating axle shafts both transmit torque and withstand all reaction forces and bending moments. Its supporting structure is simple and the cost is low, so it is widely used in various types of cars with small reaction bending moment. However, this kind of half shaft support is troublesome to remove, and if the half shaft is broken while the vehicle is running, it is easy to cause the danger of the wheels flying off.
The role of the axle shaft is to transmit the power from the differential to the drive wheels. Due to the large torque transmitted by the half shaft, it is often made into a solid shaft. If the axle shaft is broken, the car cannot start and drive.
The half shaft is an important part in the rear axle assembly of the automobile. The torque of the car engine is transmitted to the rear axle of the car through the car drive shaft, and the half shaft transmits the power to the wheels and tires, thereby propelling the car to run.

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Half Axle Gear use for Tractor
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3. Excellent heat-conducting capacity
4.Support the piston in a reliable way
5. Splendid durability

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