The drive axle is at the end of the power train


The drive axle is at the end of the power train and its […]

The drive axle is at the end of the power train and its basic functions are:

①Transmit the engine torque from the universal transmission to the driving wheels through the main reducer, differential, half shaft, etc., so as to reduce the speed and increase the torque;

②Change the torque transmission direction through the bevel gear pair of the final reducer;

③The differential function of the wheels on both sides is realized through the differential to ensure that the inner and outer wheels turn at different speeds;

④Realize the load-bearing and torque transmission through the bridge shell and wheels.

The drive axle design should meet the following basic requirements:

1. The main reduction ratio should be selected to ensure that the car has the best power and fuel economy.

2. The dimensions should be small to ensure the necessary ground clearance. It mainly means that the size of the main reducer is as small as possible.

3. Gears and other transmission parts work smoothly with low noise.

4. It has high transmission efficiency under various speeds and loads.

5. Under the condition of ensuring sufficient strength and rigidity, the quality should be small, especially the unsprung mass should be as small as possible to improve the ride comfort of the car.
6. Coordinate with the movement of the suspension guiding mechanism, and for the steering drive axle, it should also be coordinated with the movement of the steering mechanism.

7. The structure is simple, the processing technology is good, the manufacturing is easy, the disassembly, assembly and adjustment are convenient.

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