The function and role of the rear axle of the car


The function of the car rear axle It transmits the forc […]

The function of the car rear axle

It transmits the force and moment acting between the wheel and the frame, and cushions the unevenness

The impact force transmitted from the road to the frame or body, and attenuate the resulting vibration, so as to ensure the smooth driving of the car.

The role of car rear axle

The main purpose is to fix the two half shafts and the differential so that the power from the main shaft can be distributed to the two half shafts through the differential. In this way, the two power wheels can run asynchronously.

The axle can be integral, like a huge barbell. The body is supported by the suspension system at both ends. Therefore, the integral axle is usually matched with a non-independent suspension; the axle can also be disconnected, like two Umbrellas are inserted on both sides of the body, and then each supports the body through a suspension system, so the disconnected axle is matched with an independent suspension.

According to the different driving modes, the axles are also divided into four types: steering axle, drive axle, steering drive axle and support axle.

Among them, the steering axle and the support axle are all driven axles. Most cars use front-rear drive (FR), so the front axle is used as the steering axle and the rear axle is used as the drive axle; while in front-front-drive (FF) cars, the front axle becomes the steering drive axle, and the rear axle acts as a support axle.

The structure of the steering bridge is basically the same, consisting of two steering knuckles and a cross beam. If you compare the beam to the body, the steering knuckle is his head swaying from side to side, the neck is the kingpin we often say, and the wheels are mounted on the steering knuckle, as if a straw hat is worn on his head. However, when driving, the straw hat turns, but the head doesn't turn. Neck-The king pin is the axis of the wheel's rotation. The axis of this axis is not perpendicular to the ground, and the wheel itself is not vertical. We will discuss it in detail in the wheel positioning section.

The difference between the steering drive axle and the steering axle is that everything is hollow, the crossbeam becomes the axle housing, and the steering knuckle becomes the steering knuckle housing because there are more drive shafts inside. This drive shaft is divided into two half shafts by the differential located in the middle of the axle housing. The two straw hats are not simply put on the head, but also directly connected to the two half shafts inside. The half shaft also has an additional joint at the "neck" position-a universal joint, so the half shaft has also become two parts, the inner half shaft and the outer half shaft.

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