The function of car cardan shaft


The function of car cardan shaft Simply put, the univer […]

The function of car cardan shaft

Simply put, the universal joint can be changed, the force transmission direction, after cooperating with the transmission shaft telescopic fork, can adjust the force transmission direction changed due to tire bounce, so that the car can adapt to different roads.

Strictly speaking, the universal joint shaft transmits the power of the engine to the differential, and then the differential distributes the power to the wheels on both sides.


The car engine is fixed on the frame (beam), the position of the power output shaft is fixed to the frame, and the driving wheel of the car is fixed on the shaft. In order to absorb shock, the axle is fixed to the frame through a spring bracket. On the (girders), when the car is moving through uneven ground, due to inertia, the driving wheel axle continues to move up and down relative to the frame, so that the car can move more smoothly;

The power output shaft of the engine with a fixed position on the frame transmits power to the drive wheel shaft that changes the position of the frame. A transmission device that can adapt to this requirement is required: a cardan shaft to ensure that the power of the engine can be at the position of the drive shaft. In the process of constant change, the power is effectively transmitted to the wheels to drive the vehicle forward and backward.

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