The influence of cardan shaft on safe driving of vehicles


Universal couplings, from the current point of view, ca […]

Universal couplings, from the current point of view, can be divided into two categories: precision and high torque. Moreover, as a whole, they have a wide range of applications and can be used in machine tools, automobiles, precision machinery and Heavy machinery and other industries and fields. In terms of its composition, two fork-shaped parts and a cross-shaped part are both very important components.
The universal joint shaft is composed of three major parts, namely the outer ball cage, the intermediate shaft and the inner ball cage. The splines at both ends are respectively used to connect the hub and the differential, and the torque output by the engine passes through the differential, inner ball cage, intermediate shaft, and outer ball cage to the hub. It is divided into one on each side, and the length of the left and right drive shafts is determined according to the layout of the engine. In the traditional structure of the transmission shaft telescopic sleeve, the spline sleeve and the flange fork are welded together, and the spline shaft is welded to the transmission shaft tube. The new type changes the traditional structure. The spline sleeve and the transmission shaft tube are welded into one body, and the spline shaft and the flange fork are made into one body.
The cardan shaft is a rotating body with high speed and less support, so its dynamic balance is very important. Generally, a dynamic balance test must be carried out before leaving the factory and adjusted on the balance machine. The universal joint drive shaft is an important part of the car, and it often encounters some problems during use. If the universal joint drive shaft is unbalanced, there will be some periodic noises during driving, for example, the faster the driving speed, the noise will be The bigger, the more severe they can use, the body shakes, and the greater the vibration when driving. Even if you hold the steering wheel, you will feel numb. Shaking of the body will cause various parts of the vehicle.
The loosening of sub-parts is very easy to cause accidents. After the vibration of the cab, the solder joints will be severely cracked. The main cause of vehicle vibration is the bending of the drive shaft. If the fixing bolts of the intermediate support are loose, or the position of the intermediate support bearing is inclined, or the universal joint is damaged, the installation failure to meet the requirements is the main cause of damage to the drive shaft. Therefore, the imbalance of the drive shaft can endanger the safety of driving. If there is a transmission of unbalanced fault, you must go to the designated place for repair in time.

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