Ways to avoid broken axles of agricultural vehicles


Ways to avoid broken axles of agricultural vehicles 1. […]

Ways to avoid broken axles of agricultural vehicles

1. Requirements for design and manufacturing units. The purchased shaft materials shall be inspected strictly in accordance with the inspection standards of the purchased materials, and waste materials shall not be allowed to flow into the production line. When designing the structure, the design department should try to avoid and reduce the stress concentration. The diameter of the thick and thin shaft sections of the stepped shaft should not be too different. In the production and processing, in the partial additional stress range of the half shaft, avoid cross-section Sharp corner transition, and increase the surface roughness to above 1.6-3.2.

2. Requirements for users. The loading should be balanced, and do not unilateral unbalanced load or heavy overload, which may also cause broken axles. Maintain the vehicle, check the half shaft according to the instructions of the user manual, find it early and deal with it in time to ensure the normal operation of the half shaft. When purchasing a half shaft, you must first choose a regular manufacturer, because the regular manufacturer and processing equipment, processing technology, and heat treatment technology are relatively advanced, which can ensure the quality of the half shaft. When purchasing, the taper of the axle shaft should match the taper of the hub.

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