What are the components and functions of the car rear axle


The role of car rear axle: 1. Mainly used for power tra […]

The role of car rear axle:
1. Mainly used for power transmission to connect wheels for driving.
2. The carrying weight of trucks is supported by wheels and frame structure.
3. The rear axle of some vehicles can be used for swinging and turning purposes.
4. In addition to carrying and transmitting, it is also used for vehicle deceleration and differential speed.

Names and functions of automobile rear axle components:
Drive shaft:
It is the transmission power device used to drive the tires of fuel vehicles. The specific location is at the end of the vehicle. The main function is to transmit the power torque to the wheels under the cooperation of the semi-axle differential gear. The gear and the tire are connected.
Advantages of components: simple structure, high quality and light weight, compact structure size, low cost, widely used in family cars and light and small trucks.
Transmission gear:
The different positions and directions of the two shafts can be divided into various types of gears. More than one gear working system becomes a gear train. The gears with internal axis movement can be divided into two categories: ordinary gear transmission and planetary gear transmission , Most of the gears with axis movement are planetary gears. The working conditions are open, closed and semi-open transmission. The working environment is in a sealed box.
Advantages of components:
1. The transmission power ratio has a wide range, which mainly acts on the acceleration and deceleration of the car.
2. The transmission power speed and transmission power range can be used in low, medium and high speed ranges.
3. The transfer efficiency is very high, the efficiency percentage can reach 99%.
4. The manufacturing process uses precision machine tools with high quality, high precision and strong load capacity.
5. The gear structure is compact, the component density is extremely high, and it is not easy to wear.
main decelerator:
The component that can change the torque and speed in the drive axle is mainly used to increase the torque of the transmission system and the transmission, and to reduce the rotation speed and torque transmission direction. Its composition is composed of multiple pairs of gears, and the division of work is The driving gear is used as power input, and the driven gear is responsible for power output. Able to achieve acceleration or deceleration is mostly achieved through the final drive.
Advantages of components:
1. It can effectively increase the torque of the vehicle to the transmission power.
2. The compact working space is beneficial to reduce the torque of other transmission components.
3. A reasonable space layout can reduce the actual size of the components and the quality of the parts.
4. The precise gear structure effectively enhances the efficiency of power transmission.
Its appearance realizes that the body structure with different speeds between the wheels can be realized, and the device that can adjust the speed difference between the left and right wheels of the vehicle can ensure the same driving speed and efficiency, so that the vehicle can have enough power to cope with various speeds when the speed is insufficient. The terrain environment improves the working efficiency of the car and shortens the transportation time.
Advantages of components:
1. Realize the different speed difference of the wheels, keeping the same speed under the curve driving.
2. Improve the off-road ability of the vehicle in harsh terrain conditions.
3. Save transportation time and improve work efficiency
4. It can prevent the tires from slipping and idling when dealing with empty areas.
Axle housing:
Its main function is to support and protect the functions of the main reducer and differential. It has a fixed effect on the structure of internal parts. It can effectively prevent the intrusion of dust particles under the sealed environment of the axle housing and protect the working environment of internal parts. The axle housing material has quite high quality strength and rigidity, and the rear axle housing has a low mass, which can be installed and disassembled for maintenance at any time.
Advantages of components:
1. It is easy to install and disassemble, which is beneficial to the long-term maintenance and use of the vehicle.
2. The shell material is of high quality and strength, strong and durable, and corrosion resistant.
3. It can provide a working environment for the main reducer and differential.
4. It has a good bearing effect on the overall vehicle.


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