What are the easily damaged auto parts


1. Vehicle oil Engine oil, brake oil, antifreeze, gearb […]

1. Vehicle oil
Engine oil, brake oil, antifreeze, gearbox oil: For the various oils required for vehicle operation, the engine oil is usually replaced at 5000 kilometers or 3 months according to the vehicle's usage, and the amount of oil should be checked frequently at ordinary times. Make sure it is above the bottom line; the brake fluid is recommended to be replaced at about 40,000 kilometers.
2. Tires
Tires are affected by factors such as product quality, usage conditions, driving habits, etc. The life span of tires can be long or short. Generally speaking, whether the tire needs to be replaced depends on the wear condition. If the tire pattern is worn to the limit, it must be replaced. In this way, wear-resistant tires will take a long time.
However, time has to be considered, a tire can withstand 5 to 10 years of service life. However, for safety reasons, tires are generally replaced within 6 years at most.

3. Wipers
The wiper blades are used very frequently, so the service life is not long, and in order to have a good wiping effect, the wiper blades generally need to be replaced in advance. Generally, the maintenance period of wipers is 6 months or 10,000 kilometers. Wiper blades of better quality must be replaced even after 2 years.
4. Brake pads
If the brake pads are worn too much, it is easy to cause brake failure, which is quite dangerous. Brake pads are the same as tires. The timing of replacement is determined based on the wear and tear. When the wear limit is reached, they must be replaced. The life of the brake pads is related to the driver's driving habits, the environment in which the vehicle is used (frequently step on the brakes), and the wear resistance of the brake pads.
5. Spark plug
The normal color of the electrode of the spark plug is off-white. If the electrode burns black with carbon deposits, it indicates that there is a fault. Generally, it should be replaced when driving 20000-30000 kilometers. The sign of spark plug replacement is no flashover, or the discharge part of the electrode is round due to ablation.
In addition, if spark plugs often accumulate carbon and fail to fire during use, it is generally because the spark plug is too cold and needs to be replaced with a hot spark plug; if there is a hot ignition phenomenon or an impact sound is emitted in the cylinder, a cold spark plug should be used.


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