What are the hazards of gearbox gearing to the car


Gearbox gearing is a phenomenon of gearbox gear damage […]

Gearbox gearing is a phenomenon of gearbox gear damage caused by operating errors. In the case of automobile gearboxes, it is generally required to step on the clutch to the end when manually shifting, and then perform a shift operation. When the vehicle speed and engine speed are basically the same, loosen it. When the clutch is turned on and the gear shift is completed, under what circumstances is it easy to hit gears? It is often that the clutch is not completely separated, and the gear shift operation is carried out. Not only does the gear noise occur during gear shifting, but it is also easy to cause gear toothing. In addition, if the lubricating oil impurities in the gearbox are large, such as long-term wear iron filings, if the gear is rotating Caught in the middle of the transmission gear, it is also easy to cause tooth breakage.

The hazards of tooth punching:
Gear box punching is actually a hard bump between two metal gears. The final result is obvious, that is, the gear crown part accelerates wear. The time is longer and the number of times increases, the original right-angled crown is destroyed. After the rounded corners are ground, the bite is not complete after entering the gear, and it is easy to lose gear after a little vibration. At this time, the gearbox needs to be overhauled.

How to avoid back gear hitting:   
Stopping the car completely before reversing and putting it in reverse gear is the best way to prevent gearing. At the same time, the clutch must be completely stepped on, and half of the clutch must not be stepped on because of laziness. This will cause serious reverse gear. Gears, even if there is a forward gear with a synchronizer, don’t be overly superstitious. The synchronizer will make the shift extremely smooth. If you don’t step on the clutch thoroughly, even the best synchronizer will not be able to withstand the large speed difference. The wear and tear will become geometrically accelerated.


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