What are the main considerations for the selection of automobile gear oil


Automobile gear oil is used for the lubrication of auto […]

Automobile gear oil is used for the lubrication of automobile drive axle, manual transmission, transfer case, wheel reducer, gear transmission mechanism and other parts, and plays a role of lubrication, cooling, rust prevention and buffering.
Because the gear tooth surface load of each transmission system of the automobile is very heavy, in order to prevent the tooth surface from being worn and scratched by the rupture of the oil film, the gear oil is often based on petroleum lubricating oil or synthetic lubricating oil. Additives in order to achieve good anti-wear, load-resistant performance and suitable viscosity, and good thermal oxidation stability, anti-foaming, water separation performance and rust resistance.

Precautions for the selection of automobile gear oil
1. The SAE viscosity grades of gear oil and engine oil cannot be confused. At this time, the viscosity grades of gear oil and engine lubricating oil have no connection, so the two must not be used mutually.
2. Hypoid gear oil cannot be mixed with ordinary gear oil. If ordinary gear oil is used for hypoid gear, the hypoid gear will be damaged quickly. At the same time, ordinary gears cannot use hypoid gear oil, otherwise it will cause early damage to ordinary gears.
3. It should not be wrong to think that the higher the viscosity level of gear oil, the better the lubrication performance. The use of gear oil with too high viscosity will cause delayed oil supply, increased movement resistance, and increased fuel consumption, especially for high-speed vehicles ;
4. The amount of oil used should be appropriate, and the oil level should not be too high or too low. Other diluents should not be added during use to prevent other liquids such as water from entering the transmission and differential;
5. According to the equipment oil regulations and the working environment of the equipment, select the appropriate viscosity grade oil;
6. During storage and transportation, it must be waterproof, leak-proof, and prevent mechanical impurities (such as dust, metal, fiber) from mixing in;
7. When changing the oil, keep the oil clean during use;
8. Avoid mixing with other oils.

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