What are the practical tips for car maintenance


1. How to store things that are not commonly used in th […]

1. How to store things that are not commonly used in the car but must be carried: Open the trunk and look at the spare tire. There is the largest storage compartment.
2. How to improve the air circulation and defrosting effect in the car: Replace the dust filter element (in the engine compartment) with a sponge of the same size, which not only increases the air intake, but also can be removed and washed for reuse. There is no need to turn on the fan for long distances, and it saves fuel.  
3. How to keep the clutch easy for a long time: Every time the brake oil is changed, the maintenance personnel should discharge the waste oil from the clutch sub-cylinder. Because the clutch and brake use the same oil storage cup, it may be difficult, but it should be done. 

4. What to do when you feel that the brakes are not as effective as before: When you wait for the red light, step on the brakes vigorously and you will see results.  
5. How to extend the service life of the muffler: Punch a small hole at the lowest point under the muffler. The reason is simple: drainage is anti-corrosion.  
6. How to start and speed up quickly: When the vehicle is empty or less loaded, start directly with the second gear (don’t worry about damage to the vehicle, because the first gear and clutch are designed for heavy loads, and most The first gear to the second gear is not smooth). After rushing to more than 3000 rpm, quickly push into the third gear, and then rush to more than 3,000 rpm. At this time, the car will generally be behind you. You can switch between fourth and fifth gears calmly. Shift directly to fifth gear (applicable to expressway tolls), and it does not increase fuel consumption, so you might as well give it a try.  
7. How to eliminate the vibration and noise of the wiper blade: Use pliers to reduce the gap between the joints and the rubber sheet.  
8. How to extend the service life of the bulb: After buying a car or replacing a new bulb, wipe the bulb with alcohol to eliminate fingerprints and oil stains. I did this after buying a car, and so far a light bulb hasn't broken.  
9. How to reduce tire noise: Just stick a layer of black felt or flannel on the inner protective plate of the front wheel. (Carefully realize that the noise of your tires becomes smaller after the rain, and becomes louder after washing the car, because there is mud on the inner protective plate to absorb noise)   
10. How to eliminate the noise caused by uneven wear of individual tires: After four-wheel alignment and balancing, find a bicycle repairer, borrow or buy a wooden file, and file the unevenness of the tread and it will not sound.

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