What is the role of the car half shaft


The function of the half shaft is to transfer the power […]

The function of the half shaft is to transfer the power from the differential to the driving wheels. Because the torque transmitted by the half shaft is relatively large, it is often made into a solid shaft. If the half axle is broken, the car cannot start or drive.
The half shaft is an important part of the rear axle assembly of an automobile. Its inner end is connected with the differential half shaft gear through a spline, and the outer end is connected with the wheel hub to transmit power. The torque of the automobile engine is transmitted to the rear axle of the automobile through the automobile transmission shaft, and the power is transmitted to the wheels and tires from the half shaft, thereby driving the automobile to travel.
The automobile half shaft is the drive shaft. When the car is turning, the left and right wheels have different trajectory radii, so the distance they pass when turning is also different. The outer wheel has to pass a longer distance. If the power is transmitted to the same size wheel through a complete shaft, the two wheels The rotation speed is the same, the diameter is the same, and the distance traveled by the two wheels is different when turning. Then the wheels on the inner side of the curve need to be slipped and idling (not walking), causing turning difficulties; in order to overcome and improve this problem, the vehicle drive shaft is divided into The two halves are separated from the left and right, and the middle is connected by a "differential". When the vehicle is driving straight, the two wheels can get the same driving force. When turning, due to the action of the differential, the rotation speed of the inner wheel is lower than that of the outer wheel. In this way, the goal of driving the vehicle forward by the two wheels at the same time is achieved, but the movement distance of the outer wheels is larger than that of the inner side. The use of two half shafts for the drive shaft is designed to improve the turning performance of the vehicle.

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