What properties should general gear oil have


Gear oil is a kind of lubricating oil used in various g […]

Gear oil is a kind of lubricating oil used in various gear transmissions. It is mainly made of petroleum lubricating oil base oil or synthetic lubricating oil, and is prepared by adding extreme pressure antiwear agent and oiliness agent. Function: Prevent tooth surface wear, scratches, sintering, etc., prolong its service life, improve transmission power efficiency, and reduce power loss. Composition: Simply put, gear oil is composed of base oil and additives. The excellent performance depends on the type of base oil.

General gear oil should have the following properties:
1. Suitable viscosity and good viscosity-temperature
Viscosity is the most basic performance of gear oil. The viscosity is large, the lubricating oil film formed is thicker, and the load resistance is relatively large.
2. Good rust and corrosion resistance
Corrosion and rust not only destroy the geometric characteristics and lubrication state of the half axle gear , but also the products of corrosion and rust will further cause the gear oil to deteriorate and produce a vicious circle.
3. Good oxidation stability and thermal stability
Good thermal oxidation stability guarantees the service life of the oil.
4. Good foam resistance
If the generated foam cannot disappear quickly, it will affect the formation of the oil film at the gear mesh. The entrained foam reduces the actual working oil and affects heat dissipation.
5. Good demulsibility
The emulsification and deterioration of gear oil in contact with water will seriously affect the formation of lubricating oil film and cause scratches and wear.
6. Sufficient extreme pressure and wear resistance
Extreme pressure and anti-wear properties are the most important properties and main characteristics of gear oils, which are used to prevent tooth surface wear, abrasion, and adhesion during movement.

Anti-wear and load-resistance performance Because the gear load is generally above 490MPa, and the hyperbolic tooth surface load is as high as 2942MPa, in order to prevent the rupture of the oil film from causing tooth surface wear and scratches, extreme pressure anti-wear agents are generally added to the planetary gear oil. In the past, sulfur-chlorine type, sulfur-phosphorus-chlorine type, sulfur-chlorine-phosphorus-zinc type, sulfur-lead type and sulfur-phosphorus-lead type additives were commonly used. Currently, sulfur-phosphorus or sulfur-phosphorus-nitrogen additives are commonly used.

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