What should be paid attention to in the daily maintenance of the car


During the driving of the vehicle, many parts are in a […]

During the driving of the vehicle, many parts are in a very harsh operating environment: high temperature, high speed, dusty, bumpy roads, etc. Some parts are constantly worn due to frequent high-speed movement, and other parts will be inadvertently In case of injury, this requires timely inspection, adjustment or replacement.
Regular maintenance is mainly based on inspection and adjustment. Regular inspections of brakes, steering, transmission, suspension and other systems are provided for every type of maintenance, so that you can have a safe driving environment. Through regular inspection and maintenance, hidden dangers and failures can be discovered and resolved in time to avoid larger failures.

1. Car engine maintenance:  
Car engines should be cleaned at the right time. Because long-term use will form a thick layer of carbon deposits on the surface of the engine, which will cause greater corrosion to the rubber parts in the engine.
2. Both gasoline and water must prevent evaporation:
In summer, the temperature is generally higher. So gasoline and water evaporate more easily than usual. Because it is necessary to check the water tank and the fuel tank frequently, add it in time when the gasoline and water are relatively small.
3. Pay attention to hygiene inside the car:
Summer is the season for the fastest growth of bacteria, so the interior of the car should be kept clean, especially car seat cushions, car steering wheel covers, and car mats that are easily dirty.
4. The car wiper should be replaced:
When driving on rainy days, you must pay attention to whether the wiper blades are good. The rubber leaves on the wiper blades that have been used for a long time will age. In order to have a better driving sight when driving on rainy days, the car wiper should be replaced once every one to two years.  
5.the car mat should be updated:
A good car cooling pad is an important choice for car sun protection in the hot season. Choose a cushion that is cool and not too slippery. In order to avoid traffic accidents caused by body sliding while driving.  
6. the car body should also be maintained:
Ultraviolet rays are also very harmful to the car, such as the penetration of car paint. Everyone may notice that after a white car is exposed to sunlight for a long time, the color of the car body will obviously become lighter and yellower. Therefore, waxing and sealing the car in summer can protect the car.

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