How to reduce gear transmission noise?


Gears are an indispensable part, and when the gears are […]

Gears are an indispensable part, and when the gears are running, noise will occur due to various factors. In fact, the noise in the gear transmission process means that its running state is not good. If the running state is maintained all the time, it will not only affect the work of the staff, but also cause the gear to fail due to long-term wear and tear. In order to avoid the nausea cycle, we need to reduce the transmission noise of the gears, so let's take a look at the solution.

1. Control the precision of the gear. If the gear accuracy is accurate, it means that there will be no fitting and wear between the components during transmission, which can also reduce the possibility of noise.

2. Control the quality of raw materials. No matter what way, the raw materials must undergo strict chemical composition inspection, grain size determination, and purity evaluation after they arrive at the factory. The purpose is to adjust the heat treatment deformation in time and improve the quality of the tooth profile processing.

3. Prevent heat treatment deformation. After rough machining, the tooth blank is turned into a fine forging, which is normalized or quenched and tempered to achieve: (1) soften the steel for cutting; (2) refine the grain and improve the structure to improve the mechanical properties of the steel; ( 3) Prepare organizationally for processing.

4. Ensure the precision of the gear blank. The accuracy of the size of the gear hole is required to be distributed around the middle difference of the deviation value of the hole. If it is out of tolerance and within the design requirements of the hole, it is classified and transferred to the gear cutting process.

These methods described above can reduce the noise of gear transmission. It will be of great benefit to the working state if the noise of gear transmission no longer occurs. Therefore, this knowledge is very important, and I hope it can help readers. The application of gears is very extensive, and they are basically distributed on every equipment. Gears may wear out in long-term use. When the wear is serious, they should be replaced in time. If the wear is not serious, we can repair them. Will not affect performance.

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