Gear comprehensive error measurement technology


It adopts the meshing and rolling comprehensive measure […]

It adopts the meshing and rolling comprehensive measurement method, which regards the gear as a transmission element of rotary motion. Under the theoretical installation center distance, it meshes and rolls with the measuring gear to measure its comprehensive deviation. The comprehensive measurement is divided into gear single-sided meshing measurement, which is used to detect the tangential comprehensive deviation and single-tooth tangential comprehensive deviation of the gear; and gear double-sided meshing measurement, which is used to detect the radial comprehensive deviation of the gear and the single-tooth radial comprehensive deviation. deviation. In order to play the role of quality monitoring of gear double-sided meshing measurement technology more effectively, the spectrum analysis measurement item of deviation is added; the radial comprehensive helix angle deviation and the radial comprehensive tooth taper deviation are also decomposed from the radial comprehensive deviation. This is a new development in gear radial comprehensive measurement technology. The advantage of comprehensive motion deviation measurement is that the measurement speed is fast, which is suitable for the final quality inspection of batch products, and is convenient for timely monitoring of the gear processing process. The instrument can be calibrated by means of standard components (such as standard gears) to realize the transmission of the reference. The above two measurement technologies are based on the traditional gear accuracy theory. However, with the continuous increase and improvement of gear quality inspection requirements, these traditional gear measurement technologies are also continuously refined, enriched, updated and improved.

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