How to do car maintenance and tightening


After the vehicle is cleaned, all connections must be t […]

After the vehicle is cleaned, all connections must be tightened. details as follows:
1. First, tighten the joints of the hoses around the engine to prevent oil leakage.
2. Secondly, fasten the connectors of each line and electrical equipment to prevent open circuit, short circuit, grounding, etc. from affecting the normal operation of electrical equipment.
3. Again, check and tighten the main connectors. Such as generator drive belt, steering linkage brake device connection point, drive train and tires, etc.

Due to the vibration, bumps, sway and other reasons in the driving process of the vehicle, the connection parts will inevitably cause looseness and wear. Therefore, it must be tightened in time during daily maintenance. The daily fastening work of the connectors is directly related to driving safety, especially the important parts of steering, braking, transmission, etc., must not be taken lightly.

What are the cleaning in daily car maintenance

The air contains a lot of dust, sand, and acidic substances, which are not only easy to be adhered to by leaked fuel, but also easy to form a hard insulation layer under high temperature baking, which makes the heat dissipation performance of the parts worse, and it is easy to be attracted by the static electricity of the car body and corrode the paint. Face, make it fade prematurely. Therefore, we have to clean it in use.

Clean air filter: A dirty air filter will obstruct the fresh air from entering the cylinder, resulting in over-enriched aeration, incomplete combustion, reduced power, and excessive exhaust. Modern air filters generally use paper filter elements. When cleaning, pay attention: do not wash with water or oil, but use dabbing and blowing methods. The tapping method is to tap the end face of the filter element gently to make the dust fall off. The blowing method is to use the compressed air filter element to blow out, the air pressure: the force should not exceed 0.3N/Pa

Clean the oil filter: The oil filter is blocked, which will hinder the flow of lubricating oil, causing poor lubrication of the engine, increased wear, and even burned tiles. For this reason, it should be cleaned or replaced regularly. It is usually replaced every 8000km, if the weather is dry. Should be shortened to 5,000km and replaced once.

Clean the battery: Modern cars generally use maintenance-free batteries. First, clean the top of the battery to avoid short-circuits between the poles due to electrolyte or other impurities; second, clean the battery terminals to prevent oxides on the joints and cause poor contact. The vent should be unblocked to prevent the battery from bursting due to excessive pressure or temperature in the battery.

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