Gear processing methods and guidelines


1. Gear grinding: it6-it4 & rarr; it3, RA: 0.8-0.2 […]

1. Gear grinding: it6-it4 & rarr; it3, RA: 0.8-0.2 & mu; m principle: forming method and generating method.
(1) forming grinding method is used to grind teeth it6-it5, RA: 0.8-0.4 & mu; M. with forming grinding wheel, the transmission yield of raw gear is higher, the machining accuracy is lower, and the application is less.
(2) gear grinding by generating method
Grinding teeth with conical grinding wheel: the profile of the grinding wheel cross section is the profile of an imaginary rack, and the workpiece rolls to the right. Use the right side of the grinding wheel to grind the right side of the first tooth slot, from the root to the top. Then the workpiece rolls to the left, grinding the left side of the first tooth slot with the left side of the grinding wheel, and also from the root to the top. When both sides of the first tooth slot are completely ground, the grinding wheel will automatically withdraw from the workpiece, and the workpiece will Index rotation, and then roll to the right, grinding the second slot, this cycle repeatedly, until grinding all the teeth.
2. research teeth:
It7-it6, RA: 1.6-0.2 & mu; m equipment: gear grinding machine. Abrasive: abrasive particle: 220 × 3 ~ 240 × 3, characteristics of active lubricating oil: the same as honing, it can only reduce the surface roughness and can not improve the profile accuracy.
Parallel axis grinding method:
1. Process: the grinding wheel is parallel to the axis of the gear to be grinded. During grinding, the gear to be grinded drives the grinding wheel to engage freely without side clearance. The gear to be grinded also performs axial reciprocating motion, and the grinding wheel is slightly braked. After a period of time, the grinding wheel and the grinding wheel rotate reversely, so that the two sides of the teeth are evenly ground.
2. Features: due to the uneven sliding speed of the tooth surface and the uneven grinding amount, the sliding speed at the top and root of the tooth is large and the grinding amount is large.
Gear transmission with moving axis
There are many types of planetary gear transmission, and the performance of different types varies greatly. It is very important to choose the type reasonably according to the working conditions. The common planetary transmission is composed of sun wheel, planetary wheel, internal gear and planet carrier, the planetary transmission with small tooth difference, cycloid pin wheel transmission and harmonic transmission. Planetary gear transmission is generally composed of parallel shaft gears, which has the characteristics of small size and light weight. Input shaft and output shaft can be in the same straight line. Its application is more and more extensive.

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