Talking about the advantages of fine rack


Fine rack drive is the main transmission method in the […]

Fine rack drive is the main transmission method in the machine tool industry. With the development of large-scale boring and milling machines and gantry machine tools, the demand for fine racks is also increasing. Fine rack has won praise from many customers for its high precision and high speed. Let the rack manufacturers introduce the fine racks in detail below.

The secondary characteristics of the fine rack are: high strength and high wear resistance, which can be moved in line with high precision. The material is treated by quenching and tempering, which greatly improves the strength of the rack, high wear resistance, and can change the bias of linear movement at any angle. The modulus of the rack is very small, it is very easy to use when moving to and from the place, and the device is also complicated. Because of the large contact ratio of the helical rack, it is very ineffective in reducing musical sound and preventing vibration. It has a wide variety of lengths, low cost, affordable prices, and it is very common to use.

In addition, it should be noted that the standard pitch line of the rack is based on the bottom surface of the rack and is measured by measuring the thickness of the tooth with a roller. If the bottom surface of the rack is stopped, it can cause the rack The accuracy drops. At the beginning of the operation, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the fine rack is fixed on the base surface, whether there is uneven contact between the teeth, whether the matching gear has a suitable backlash, and whether it is smooth enough. If the gear is exposed, install a safety cover first. Do not touch the gear when the gear shifts. When there is music and vibration at the time of starting, and the lack of smooth oil after starting, etc., please reconsider whether the gear assembly is accurate.


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