Introduction to the functional classification and structure of automobile front axle


Two tires are connected to the front of the car to buil […]

Two tires are connected to the front of the car to build up the body called the front axle.
1. Front axle functions: load, brake, walk, and turn.
2. Classification of the front axle: drum brake and disc brake according to the brake type; air brake and liquid brake according to the brake (one-way double collar shoe type and two-way self-increasing type); axle load: micro truck, light truck , Medium truck, heavy truck, 0.5~7.5 tons;
3. Front axle structure: The front axle is mainly composed of front axle, king pin, steering knuckle, brake assembly, wheel hub assembly, joint arm, tie rod assembly, etc.
Front axle: It is the main load-bearing component of the front axle. Our company has two structural forms: tubular and forged, but mainly forged. There is a fist-shaped thickened part at each end of the front axle as a location for installing the king pin. The two sides of the middle part are leaf spring bearing surfaces for installing leaf springs and accessories.
Main pin: It is an important component that affects the performance of the entire vehicle. There is a stop groove on the king pin, and the pin lock bolt fixes the king pin in the king pin hole of the front axle through the stop groove, so that it cannot rotate or move axially. The processing precision of the pin is very high, and it is one of the key parts controlled by Yuhuan FaShiEr gear Co., LTD.
Knuckle: The steering knuckle is the main steering component on the front axle. It utilizes the king pin and the front axle to be hinged and supports the hub assembly via a pair of hub bearings to realize the steering function.
Brake assembly: It is the main component for realizing wheel braking. There are two types of oil brake and air brake. When the vehicle implements a braking command, the friction lining of the brake expands and contacts the inner processing surface of the brake drum to generate friction to achieve vehicle braking. The choice of the front axle brake is very critical. If the choice is not good, there will be many problems such as the front and rear braking forces that do not match and the braking force cannot meet the requirements.
Wheel hub composition: It is mainly installed on the steering knuckle through two rolling bearings to drive the wheels to rotate. At the same time, it has friction pair with friction plate to realize wheel braking.
Articulated arm: separate straight tie rod arms, which are connected to the straight tie rod assembly and respectively. Form steering mechanism and steering trapezoidal structure. The steering mechanism completes the steering of the vehicle, and the steering trapezoid determines whether the inner and outer steering angle of the vehicle is reasonable.
Die tie rod assembly: It is the main component to adjust the toe. The shaft is made of seamless steel pipes, and the two ends are joint assemblies with spherical hinged structure. The shaft is installed on the tie rod arm after threaded fit. The shaft is adjustable to adjust the toe.

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