Realization of transmission of precision gears


Gears come in all sizes. Whether it is large mechanical […]

Gears come in all sizes. Whether it is large mechanical equipment or small precision equipment, you can see gears everywhere. It can be said that the operation of these equipments is inseparable from the use of gears. Gears are very important transmission devices, especially precision gears. Now let's introduce to you how precision gear transmission works. This is a topic that everyone cares about. Precision gear transmission work, don't underestimate this In terms of work, if the operation is good, the work of the gear can proceed smoothly. Let's take a look.

Gear transmission is a mechanical transmission that uses the gear teeth of two gears to mesh with each other to transmit power and motion. According to the relative position of the gear axis, there are parallel shaft cylindrical gear transmission, intersecting shaft bevel gear transmission and interleaved shaft spiral gear transmission. It has the characteristics of compact structure, high efficiency and long life. In all mechanical transmissions, gear transmissions are widely used and can be used to transmit motion and power between two shafts that are not far away from each other. The precision gears are processed with stable transmission, accurate transmission ratio, reliable operation, high efficiency, long life, and large power, speed and size range. For example, the transmission power can be very small to hundreds of thousands of kilowatts; the speed can reach 300m/s; the gear diameter can be from a few millimeters to more than twenty meters. However, the manufacturing of gears requires special equipment, and meshing drives can generate noise.

Through the above description, we have learned the details of precision gear transmission, as well as the characteristics of gear transmission, gear models have different sizes, select the appropriate gear according to the equipment specifications, so that our equipment can operate normally.

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