The difference between planetary gear reducer and gear reducer


The difference between planetary gear reducer and gear […]

The difference between planetary gear reducer and gear reducer

1. The working principle is different
Planetary gear reducer: The motor starts the sun gear in a direct connection, and the sun gear drives the planetary gears combined on the planetary gear carrier to run. The entire planetary gear system rotates automatically along the outer gear ring, and the planet carrier is connected to the output shaft to achieve the purpose of acceleration
Gear reducer: Use all levels of gear transmission to achieve the purpose of deceleration. For example, using a small gear to drive a large gear can achieve a certain purpose of deceleration.

2. the structure is different
Planetary gear reducer: The main transmission structure is planetary gear, sun gear and inner gear.
Gear reducer: a combination of a reduction motor and a large reducer, including the prime mover and working unit gears.

3. Different uses
Planetary gear reducer: It can be used as a supporting component in lifting, excavation, transportation, construction and other industries, and is also widely used in automobiles, communications, mechanical equipment, robots, electronic products, medical equipment and other fields.
Gear reducer: widely used in large-scale mines, steel, chemical, port, environmental protection and other fields.

4. different characteristics
Planetary gear reducer:
High rigidity, high precision, high transmission efficiency, and a wide range of optional transmission ratios.
Small size, light weight, high bearing capacity, long service life, stable operation, low noise and large output torque.
It can realize power shunt and multi-tooth meshing.
Because of the precision of materials and the meticulous processing methods, the cost of construction and maintenance is high.

Gear reducer: no cooling, maintenance-free grease lubrication, long life and silent operation, high output efficiency; the shell is made of alloy steel, with high coaxiality and dynamic balance, and can be installed in various machining centers. superior. The accuracy and torque are lower than planetary reducers.

5. The deceleration range is inconsistent
Planetary gear reducer: the minimum unipolar reduction is 3, the maximum z is generally not more than 10, and the common reduction ratio is 3/4/5/6/8/10.
Gear reducer: The reduction is generally not more than 3.

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