There are still many problems in the current auto parts market


Auto parts are the foundation of the auto industry and […]

Auto parts are the foundation of the auto industry and support the sustainable and healthy development of the auto industry. This shows how important the status of auto parts is. However, there are still many problems in my country's current auto parts market. The existence of these problems makes the orderly development of my country's auto planetary gear parts market still far away.
Many problems and solutions in the auto parts market
1. the problems in my country's auto parts market
First of all, product quality cannot be guaranteed. Due to the low threshold of my country's auto parts industry and imperfect supervision, many investors have seen business opportunities. Under fierce competition, in order to expand sales, companies usually adopt price competition. The consequence is that the source of accessories is very chaotic, and a large number of counterfeit and inferior parts have flooded the market, not only pitting car owners but also pitting businesses.
Second, the industrial layout is unreasonable. Problems such as repeated investment, low production concentration, and small production scale have been flooding the auto parts market. The reasons for this are both the protection of local governments and the unreasonable planning of enterprises themselves.
Finally, the distribution of enterprises is unreasonable. At present, there are as many as 25,000 auto parts companies, which do not include roadside shops. Most auto parts companies are mainly private, small in scale, scattered, and unbranded. In addition, there are also long-term distribution channels, and the accessories and circulation are relatively complicated, which leads to high costs and low profits, and further reduces the problem of channel members.
2. the reasons for this situation
First, the company's own mismanagement. At present, my country's auto parts field is still at a lower level. The enterprise management model is extensive and cost control is weak. Most auto parts companies only support one vehicle factory and cannot produce on a large scale. At the same time, the company's independent research and development capabilities are insufficient and lack of core technology.
Secondly, there are many types of accessories. Due to the large variety of automobile brands, different models, and various types of accessories flocking to the market, the level of specialization of accessories on the market is low, and product quality cannot be guaranteed, which greatly affects the circulation and generalization of products. degree.
Finally, the industry market system is not sound. The development of my country's auto parts field is not perfect yet, and it is still in a transitional stage. We have to explore it step by step. Changes in policies, imperfections in the legal system, lack of management and other reasons have hindered the development of the auto parts field.
3. how to solve this situation
my country's auto parts companies are relatively small, so scale has become the only way for the development of parts companies. The gradual formation of alliance cooperation between enterprises is a top priority. Alliance cooperation can make up for the shortcomings of the enterprise in many aspects, expand the scale of the enterprise, improve the technology of the enterprise, and improve the management of the enterprise. At the same time, informatization is inevitable. In the era when the Internet has become the mainstream, the prospects of the auto parts market must be very broad, and the huge business opportunities it contains are also imaginable. Therefore, informatization management and application are also a major mainstream in the current era.

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