What are the components of a car drive axle


Main decelerator The main reducer is usually used to ch […]

Main decelerator
The main reducer is usually used to change the transmission direction, reduce the speed, increase the torque, and ensure sufficient thrust and appropriate speed. There are more types of main reducers: single-stage, double-stage, two-speed, wheel reducers, etc.
1. Single-stage final reducer
A device that uses a pair of reduction gears to reduce speed is called a reducer. Its structure is simple and light in weight.
2. 2-stage final reducer
The double-stage reducer has two sets of reduction gears to achieve two reductions to increase torsion. In order to improve the mesh smoothness and strength of the bevel gear pair, the first-stage reduction gear pair is a spiral bevel gear. The secondary gear pair is a spiral cylindrical gear. The driving bevel gear rotates and the driven bevel gear rotates to complete a deceleration. The movable spur gear of the secondary deceleration rotates with the bevel gear of the driven wheel to drive the spur gear of the driven wheel to perform the secondary deceleration. The driven wheel spur gear is installed on the housing of the differential, so when the driven wheel spur gear rotates, the driving wheel rotates through the differential and the half shaft.

The differential is used to connect the left and right half shafts. The two wheels rotate at different angular speeds while transmitting torque at the same time to ensure the normal rolling of the wheels. Domestic cars and other types of cars basically use symmetrical bevel gear ordinary differentials. The symmetrical bevel gear differential is composed of planetary gears, half-shaft gears, planetary gear shafts (cross shaft or straight shaft), differential housing, etc. Most cars use planetary gear differentials, which are composed of two or four conical planetary gears, planetary gear shafts, two conical side gears, left and right differentials, and so on.
Half shaft
The semi-axle is a solid shaft that retransmits the torque generated by the vehicle engine to the wheels, drives the rotation of the wheels, and drives the car to travel. The mounting structure of the wheel hub is different, and the force of the half shaft is also different. Therefore, the half axis is divided into three styles: full float, half float and three-quarter float.
Bridge pier
1. The overall axle housing
The overall axle housing has good strength and rigidity and is widely used in the installation, adjustment and maintenance of the main reducer. According to the manufacturing method, the integral axle housing can be divided into integral casting type, intermediate casting type steel pipe type, steel plate stamping welding type, etc.
2. Segmented drive shaft housing
The segmented axle housing is usually divided into two sections, and the two sections are connected together with bolts. The segmented axle housing is easier to cast and process.

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