What to pay attention to when adjusting the gear rack gap


Tips for adjusting the clearance of rack and pinion ins […]

Tips for adjusting the clearance of rack and pinion installation:
Method 1. When the gear and rack are engaged, insert a copper foil sheet with the required gap thickness, such as a copper foil sheet with a thickness of 0.02mm, and apply a certain pre-pressure to the gear, so that the gear and rack are compressed and then pushed The gear is rotated over the copper foil, and finally we get a gap of about 0.02mm.
Method 2. Gear and rack are engaged. After pre-tightening the gear, the gear swings back and forth slightly. The gap depends on the swing table. Adjust the gear up and down to adjust the gap.
Note: When assembling gears and racks, ensure that they are parallel and perpendicular, and the concentricity should also be within the standard range, otherwise it will affect the assembly and use. There are several strip-shaped (5-20mm) holes to adjust the gap between gear and rack.

Instructions for straightness and parallelism testing of rack assembly:
1. After assembling the teeth, perform marking inspection on the back and mounting surface of the rack. When marking the table, the straightness and parallelism of the high-precision rack should be less than 0.02mm, and the medium precision should be less than or equal to 0.03mm.
2. The straightness and parallelism between the guide rail and the rack on the mechanism are less than 0.02mm for high precision, and less than 0.03mm for precision type.

When assembling high-precision gears and racks, the backlash is less than 0.02mm, the backlash of conventional precision is less than 0.06mm, the concentricity is less than 0.02mm, and the general precision is less than 0.03mm.
Working environment In a good lubrication environment, if the assembly does not meet the above standard requirements, the following consequences will be caused:
1. The accuracy is not up to;
2. Loud noise;
3. It is easy to cause the wear of the gear rack and reduce the service life.
Therefore, everyone must strictly install and operate on the adjustment of the rack and pinion installation gap.


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